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God has put a light inside Christians, the light of Christ. And that light has grand implications for how we engage with other believers in the Spirit of Christ. The Christ-Light is a call for the church to delve into the riches of God's grace in Christ by staring at how Jesus, the light of the world, engaged with his people.

"A blend of good theology, extensive reflection, poetic insight, and incisive application."

- Robert Letham

The grand story of Scripture is about how the insider God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—has come to outsiders in order to bring us in. Insider Outsider presents a fresh approach to apologetics, helping everyday Christians talk about their faith in extraordinary ways.


"Original and imaginative, but also practical and devotional."

- Dan Strange

What does it mean to be a Christian writer? How do we carry out the craft well? These are the questions at the heart of this book. Wielding Words is a theologically rich and yet accessible guide to the craft of writing. Readers will learn not only why they are made to write but also how they can communicate the truth effectively and beautifully.

The deepest longing for humans is communion with the living, eternal God. But how does it happen? What gets in the way? And how does that communion define who we are, give us purpose, and show us what lies ahead for us? One with God leads readers on a conversational, poetic, and prayerful journey into the wonders of Jesus's great prayer for his people: that they may be one with him (John 17).


"Inspiring, biblically grounded, and beautifully written."

- Tim Challies

Christmas is a time of wonder, but many of us miss out on this because we're so familiar with the tradition. Christmas Glory helps us see the glory, joy, and mystery of God's coming to earth in Jesus Christ. To open this book is to open yourself to the strange beauty that ushers this season in every year. Take, read, marvel, and worship.


"Pierce’s unique style and perspective will make this a new classic."

- Reader Review

What if that falsehood was shaping everything we're doing? And what if the truth could set us free to live very different lives? The Great Lie shows that we're all decieved into thinking that God is not really present with us. We live under the sway of Satan's great lie. But God, who is truth, has acted. He is with us always, through his speech. And the truth of God's presence with us can help us live the most fulfilling lives.


"Impactful, readable, helpful, and theologically sound."

- Reader Review

Losing a parent can reveal much about who you are. The author offers a concise and gripping memoir that chronicles his spiritual journey through losing his father at a young age. In a narrative that blends prose, art, and intimacy, he shows four things grief has taught him about being a human: transience, limitation, perspective, and hope.


"One of the most beautifully written books I’ve ever read."

- Reader Review

word by Word ruminates on the mystery, depth, and beauty of selected passages in the Old and New Testaments. Many of these poems explore the deeply personal nature of God's dealings with humanity, while others creatively link biblical truth to the author's daily life.

As the author's first collection of poems, Borrowed Images explores the depth of grief and the transient nature of life. Many of the poems intersect with the early death of the author's father. Others engage with the mystery and deeper meaning embedded in ordinary life. Each section presents "images" to readers, who will find here the expressions of someone who marvels and meditates on the pain of loss and the reality of living in a world marked by meaning and mystery.

A landmark work on language and the doctrine of the Trinity. From 2015-2022, the author began writing a series of articles that delved into the mysteries of God and language. Each article was published in Westminster Theological Journal. All of these articles are now collected for the first time, with a foreword by Vern Sheridan Poythress.

God so loved the world that he gave. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have a giving circle, and they've invited us into it. The more we give, the more we resemble the God who is always giving himself to us. The Book of Giving is an antidote for the selfishness that tears our world apart.  


"A thoughtful, biblical, and intentionally lyrical call to enter the divine circle of giving."

- R. Kent Hughes

Hard things are shaping things. In the difficult experiences we face, we can find the voice of a God who gave himself to hard things so that he could be with us in ours. The author walks through his father's early death, his anxiety disorder, and his struggles with self-doubt, showing how God shapes us in powerful ways through our hardest things.


"Pastoral, practical and profoundly biblical. Every Christian will be rewarded by these journeys into suffering and grace."

- William Edgar

Fifteen biblical meditations lead readers from panic to peace by drawing them into the presence of God. If you want to read words that shape your heart and bring you solace, you can't afford to miss this. Start reading and and watch your anxious soul settle into divine truth.


"Another gem from Pierce Hibbs. He is emerging as one of the surest guides in the struggle for peace in the midst of real-life threats."

- William Edgar

Do you struggle with anxiety or know someone who does? Drawing on his own experience and theological training, the author presents descriptions, theological discussion, and concrete resources for fellow anxiety sufferers. It's time for us to focus on the spiritual purposes God has for our anxiety.


"An unusually helpful volume."

- Carl R. Truman

Can we find God in the banalities of everyday life? In Finding God in the Ordinary, the author shows that we can, and that we must. Our world is not an ordinary world. Because it was spoken into being and maintained by the word of God's power (Heb 1:3), everything around us is always revealing the nature and character of the triune God.


"A tremendous stimulus to seeing the world as God would have us see it."

- Vern S. Poythress

The Trinity is a speaking God: three divine persons who share the same essence and commune with each other in love and glory. How does this truth shape the way we view the world and our place in it? The Speaking Trinity & His Worded World explores these questions by presenting all of life through the lens of language.


"Anyone interested in God and language will profit from this book."

- Kevin J. Vanhoozer

Hibbs explains and explores the language theory of Kenneth Pike in the light of the Reformed doctrine of the Trinity, showing how various facets of language are analogically linked to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and their intra-Trinitarian relations. He argues that Pike’s theory is Trinitarian not only in its matter but in its manner.


"This book will sharpen and encourage our thinking about the Trinity, the Word of God, and the centrality of language in a Christian understanding of the world."

- John M. Frame

Theological English is an advanced ESL textbook that helps non-native English speakers gain access to the rich theology of the Reformed tradition. With 30 lessons covering the major genres of theology, Theological English invites students to engage with English while exploring answers to relevant biblical and theological questions.


"The book offers a compelling introduction to theology, while effectively building the reader’s mastery of the English language."

-David B. Garner

Communicative Malnourishment (CM). It's a spiritual problem that stretches across the world (and throughout human history). The remedy? Speaking to God and hearing him speak back to us in Scripture. In Divine Company is a short ebook that invites readers to stand in awe of the communicating God who has made people in his communicative image.


"Read it and learn to grow closer to the God who speaks, and listens."

- Reader Review